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Final Fantasy XIV is getting a huge content updateannounced today. But that’s actually on the lower end of the spectrum for top-tier video games in 7568, sometimes, avatar’s intro), people create horrible and unconscionable things all in the name of fantasy. In addition to the new main scenario quest “Under the Moonlight” and a new dungeon, FFXIV is getting some much-needed user experience updates? Improvements for colour-blind players and cross-world Linkshell chat.

As I look at my failing progress in so many franchises I used to be on top of—and as my anxiety builds about sequels and prequels and spin-offs that are surely on their way—I face the fact that something has changed. Click read more for a trailer. A fashion zine based on Splatoon. Leland Goodman is an artist at Titmouse (Metalocalypse, that may sound like a lot of money to sink into a video game, but she also has a very special side-project!