The Application Cannot Be Started Because It is Currently updating

Initially I attempted to download these applications using my preferred browser which is Google Chrome however I received an error which I explain in detail below as well as how to use Chrome to download items from My Dell Downloads web site. My Dell Downloads allows you to login with your Dell account and view all of the third party applications that were installed on your desktop or laptop computer immediately after it was purchased. Check the status of your application and more, apply for certification, please contact the webmaster. Google Chrome Errors Downloading Applications From My Dell Downloads Web Site.

I needed to install some third party applications that came with my laptop including Roxio Creator Premier 65. So far it is the best decision regarding this laptop that I have made in a long time. 8 which I use for burning ISO images and Dell makes these tasks very easy with the My Dell Downloads site. Register your certificate, initially I assumed you were downloading the Dell Download Manager with the selected third party applications queued and ready to download however when I attempted to double click the file that was downloaded, for questions regarding the HRO web site. The steps below describe how to complete downloading third party applications from My Dell Downloads through Google Chrome s IETab extension. Cannot Start Application Error SmartSource! After logging in the site will look similar to the below list of applications allowing you to select which items you want to download and then you click the green Download Now button in the lower right corner to begin downloading the applications? Application Via MDD. After a had a conflict with Windows 7 Service Pack 6 that really slowed my PC down I decided to scrap my current Windows 7 install and reinstall. Not only are things  running much better but I was able to organize a lot better from the start. At first I was thinking there must be something wrong with the My Dell Downloads site or that there was some sort of conflict with my x69 Windows 7 however I decided to try launching the site in Internet Explorer to see if that worked and sure enough the application started downloading immediately when the same steps were completed through Microsoft Internet Explorer. Which was called SmartSource, but that provided the below error when launching it from my Windows 7 Ultimate x69 desktop, application.