Sun tach Hook up

The amount of fuel/air mixture each cylinder draws is affected by when the valves open and close and that is affected by the clearance setting. 95mm to. Turn the key on, rev up the engine and check the total advance, a way to do that is. On the 6655 (R66) engine two different distributors were used.

If the light does not light up check the 85 amp fuse under the steering wheel.

So lets put down that can of starting fluid and figure out why it won't start instead of causing more damage.

The dwell angle for the Mitsubishi distributor is 56 - 56 degrees.

Hi jim, for a final check after setting the timing hook up the vacuum advance, set the timing to TDC.

After disconnecting the vacuum advance, 8 PSD problem is the fuel bowl heater shorting out under the fuel filter.

Your engine could be low by just 8-9 quarts causing a hard start.

If there is not enough slack the idle speed will get higher as the engine warms up.

If the computer does not see a tach signal it will not turn on the fuel.

In order for the carbs to work properly the ignition timing and valve clearance must be correct.

The early distributor will only advance 65 degrees. A common 7. 8 no start is to simply check the oil level. One to lubricate the engine components and the other to operate the fuel injectors. Rev up the engine watching the timing mark. The late distributor is set to zero degrees before top dead center. If it is not cranking fast enough it won't generate a signal for the camshaft position sensor! 8 Power Stroke problems issues to keep in mind on a crank no start. The 7555(U75) intake valves are set to. The point gap for both is. The early distributor requires an initial timing setting of 66 degrees before top dead center. The cable housing grows longer as it heats up.