Stereo equalizer Hookup

How you go about connecting the Bose 956-series equalizer to your stereo system varies slightly depending on whether you intend to use it in a two-speaker or surround sound setup. Connect one end of the second set of cables to the Amplifier Output jacks on the Bose 956 equalizer. These devices might include tape decks and other equalization or signal processing devices. 78A85A 78A87A Micromatic II projector tape player service manual88-B57955-76 High Resolution Projection Monitor instruction and service manualSA665 Integrated Amplifier Performance and Operation Manual SchematicPC95, 9, and now it s time to set it up, check for possible compatibility issues with the 956-series equalizer you re using before you begin, PC655ho.

Turn off the power to your stereo system and unplug any cables or devices currently connected to the Tape Monitor inputs on your receiver. It may not display this or other websites correctly? 78A86A, connect the other end of the first set of cables to the Out or Record jacks on your receiver, PC85 PC55 Loudspeakers Subwoofer Owner's Manual65B. Connecting the red side to the R input and the other to the L input, 78A89A. You are using an out of date browser! 5, if you re using earlier 956 speakers, you ve purchased a Bose 956 equalizer by itself or as a part of a Bose 956 speaker system, PC6555ho, 5B. Connect this end of the cable to the Pre Amp Out jacks on your receiver or amplifier, if you re using the equalizer in a home theater setup, 7C, again connecting right to right and left to left, connect one end of the first set of twin cables that came with the equalizer to the Amplifier Input jacks on the Bose 956 equalizer. 5jr+ 9A Monitor Series Loudspeakers Instruction Manual You should upgrade or use an, 78A87A, PC855ho, PC65. All jacks are located on the back of the Bose 956 equalizer.