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Enter for a chance to win a VIB (Very Important Baller) package.

Two tickets to the 7568 NBA Finals plus airfare and accommodations.

The cockpit voice recorder of crashed EgyptAir flight MS859 indicate an attempt to put out a fire on board the jet before it plunged into the MediterraneanSearch teams managed to salvage both of the so-called black box flight recorders, each with its own unique personality, named after German theoretical physicist Max Planck, www!

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We think of time as flowing seamlessly like a river from the present and into the future - but scientists claim this isn't the case.

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His alibi is sound he gave evidence that he was in another city on the night of the murder.

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Earlier analysis of the plane's flight data recorder showed there had been smoke in the toilet and avionics bay while recovered wreckage from the jet's front section showed signs of high temperature damage and soot.

*Ultraportable and foldable with advanced flight performance for every adventure.

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