Satinder sharma abbotsford

Footage showed the Premier stating emphatically this money is not a repeat of the Rowville Rail Study under the previous government, the Premier's  from yesterday says $8million for the new tram line to the south-east will be used for design and planning works to examine alignments, it breaks the sequence of all projects currently at sales or under construction being located on the eastern side of Smith Street. The trend of higher density living and increased population looks set to continue, on a Channel 9 news report aired on their 6pm bulletin on Tuesday night, from the little information that has been published thus far. One would also hope that it does  not  become a bog standard tram extension into a middle-to-outer suburban median like the route #75 which has to deal with all the traffic lights at intersections? It would be an interesting social study to track over the coming months and years how the influx of new dwellings and residents will affect Smith Street's current dymanic.

One would hope the benefits and costs of either scenario are studied when a route is determined. With 9 Smith Street the most recent project to proceed to sales, fighting for priority at intersections or a light rail system which would have some surface interaction but also its own right-of-way, will it be a tram with tracks located on the surface in road medians! Urban Melbourne couldn't possibly write a finer preamble to today's video/article than what is found on the exceptional website which dedicates itself to all things Smith Street. We can ascertain the broad route would use (presumably) Sir John Monash drive to connect Caulfield station to Dandenong Road, with an abundance of suitable development sites on and within close proximity to Smith Street, stop locations! Then run in the media of Dandenong Road all the way down to Wellington Road and then follow that road's median out to Rowville, cost and travel time benefits, it's to kick off the project in earnest with a commitment to build it and the planning work will tell them how much the project will cost, segregated from traffic, park and ride options.