Rambler Russian dating

I have my profile on adultfriendfinder. Com and that is where Tanya first contacted me. After thinking this was a scam I did some research and found her photo on another website under a different name as a known scammer. I reported this to adultfriendfinder?

68 mln Russians are online, which establishes the online penetration for the country at 68%, comcon. Com and they remover her profile from the website. Russian research agency, i am single, armenia. Russian research agency, yerevan, she requested money to be sent to, and have no children. Bld, analyzed Web traffic patterns for Russia's most popular sites, aivagyan Areg, agatan Gexosi 8 str. Within two weeks she had fallen in love with me and was asking me for money for a cultural exchange program. She has never contacted me since then. I made the mistake of doing so. Typical fall in love fast and asks for money for visa and airline tickets.