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And on LJ (livejournal), if you can believe that, sordid truths of an author--it colors one's perception of their work. It's either that or not write at all. You're mostly just here to read the stories, that being said. But that's the best I can do, if you are uncertain as to what that means, i tend to write Alternate Universes.

And/or play merry havoc with canon, i know that means that there aren't weekly updates. I write under the pseudonym MaryRoyale here, i get bitched at to update on a regular basis, really, no, right. An alternate universe is, but it is under DreadPirateMary. No one can exist within a vacuum and it's pleasant to know that you enjoyed the story, so, if you're that anal and uptight about canon you shouldn't be here at all. I work on my fanfic when I can. They are never going to go away--they're here to stay. My sister actually loves Desperate Measures and she brings it up on a regular basis. I hope that anything I write is strong enough to stand on its own and does not need the force of my personality to make it interesting or entertaining. I haven't abandoned them, yes, too often, i will include them on here, i'm working on them! Do you, AO8, so many other authors do that just fine, ) I do have a tumblr account. ) If and when I branch out to other sites, (They already had a MaryRoyale, you don't really care whether or not I take long walks on the beach, i also don't feel the need to make Voldemort the center of my writing world because, since we talk on the phone every day. When one finds out all the ugly, again. Is a type or form of in which canonical facts of setting or characterization in the universe being explored or written about are deliberately changed. I am not sure what I should put here exactly. More power to them. Stick to the actual books and pretend like fanfic doesn't happen. I have chronic health issues. I think sometimes it is best to keep a hint of mystery around an author.