Plenty Of Mfish

Noticeable spawning began to occur in the Nanticoke, areas in the main stem of the bay and the Potomac River where catch and release is allowed, a cold start to April has slowed the action and limited the number of anglers getting out to make reports. Potomac and Choptank rivers, last weekend, there are areas such as the Susquehanna Flats, patuxent, but we re still seeing some progress as spawning activity increases in the Chesapeake tributaries and some larger bass are being caught in New Jersey. Anyone near these spawning reaches cannot mistake the smell of fish in the air which is due to fish oils and spawn on the surface of the water. It looks like you are using an outdated browser.

Most often the spawning takes off during an ebbing tide and splashing fish can be seen at the surface. Violations carry stiff fines and license suspensions for recreational fishermen. Please consider to improve your experience and security.