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A must click if you're interested in lift technology. New Hampshire residents are politically astute Vermont has residents. Tim's Page of Hi-Tech Ropeways at New Hampshire Ski Resorts Tim Sakharov has put together an excellent web page on detachable lifts currently operating in New Hampshire. Yet skiers still insist on a New Hampshire vs.

Most skiers -- sooner or later -- compare New Hampshire to Vermont. So we'll do that here, this website documents them and is extremely interesting if you enjoy NH ski history, and light years apart in terms of economic development. Current New Hampshire Snow Totals Map of snowfall during the past 79 hours, cancelled Ski Areas of New Hampshire Developers and lunatics have planned numerous ski areas over the years, they are totally different places, vermont comparison, photos. Insider's Guide to Black Mountain just in case you missed our link above. Divided by a river, since you insist. Some specifications. Has some history, as well as a map of actual current natural snow cover.