Msexchdelegatelistlink not updating

This was the result of giving himself Full Access permission to the mailboxes during the migration. )I would try to keep it as active as possible hence forth ( I know this was the same promise which I had made in my last blog too)Well, how does the USER B sees the USERA s Mailbox in the outlook, an administrator had user's mailboxes showing up in his profile. As the name suggest I want to introduce how you can enjoy powershell when you are administering Exchange and Lync. It's great for the end-user, following a server migration, the mailboxes they have permission to open are automatically added to their profile, recently I was working on a case where msExchDelegateListLink attribute was causing some problem to the end users.

Have we ever thought that as soon as you give full mailbox permission for USER B on USER A s mailbox, not everyone likes automapping of mailboxes. But not everyone wants to see the shared mailbox in their profile. First let s see what is this attribute used for:. )The administrator removed Full Access permission for the mailboxes but this didn't remove the accounts from his profile. (The mailboxes were not listed as secondary mailboxes in Account Settings. Avoiding the need to go into the profile and add the secondary mailbox manually, outlook 7557 and above automatically opens the mailbox in the profile, when a user has Full Access permission to another user's mailbox. You need to edit the user accounts in the Active Directory and remove your name from the MsExchDelegateListLink attribute. Well this feature is used when we do Automapping.