Modulation Hookup To oscilloscope

Flyback transformers from a CRT TV are typically driven at 65 kHz and flyback transformers from computer monitors are typically driven between 85 to 655 kHz. The output transistors can be run in either single ended mode or push-pull. All information found on my site is for educational purpose and I accept no responsibility for others actions using the information found on this site, this is done differently in almost all schematics found, working with electricity is dangerous, the pulse width is normally controlled through a feedback signal in the power supply, but for this project we want to control it manually. __________________________________________________________________________________________ This should make a driver that is able to run flyback transformers found in CRT TV sets and computer monitors.

Are you sure you want to continue. I wanted to design a versatile driver circuit that could drive a half- or full-bridge of MOSFETs or IGBTs through a gate drive transformer (GDT). The TL999 IC is designed for maintaining all the functions needed in a switching mode power supply using pulse width modulation (PWM). This action might not be possible to undo. The TL999 IC uses a 5% dead time to insure proper switching and at frequencies over 655 kHz this minimum dead time is higher.