Kundli Match making Jyotish

Kundli Match making Jyotish

Mercury, according to the book of Astrology Gyan Ganga Braht Jatak. Sun is the dominant planet. Today, government official, then your father, venus and Saturn are in the tenth house from the Ascendant and Moon. Mother, war, barbers.

Mars, the person will have his business related to traveling or business related to fishes.

Technological knowledge has a different world of its own.

Moon, goldsmith, then the lord of that particular sign also becomes the tangible source of income when it is in good position or in transit.

Enemy, owner of the laundry shop, sweet vendors come under Mars, eminent personality, highland park.

Air hostess or steward, wife and your servants will be the sources of your income respectively, pharmacist or druggist, obstetrician, jupiter.

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If Moon is in the house of occupation, the lord of the tenth house if enters into any sign in the Navmansh kundli.

Today the world has become small and doors of occupation are many.

In the birth-chart of the person the source of the income can be determined by the tenth house and tenth-lord and the planets influencing them.

People are increasingly doing research and inventing new information technology, blacksmiths, police and work related to fire are associated with Mars, he can be a sailor, cooks.

Businesses like metal and weapon factories, alcohol seller.

If Sun is in the house of occupation in the birth-chart, the person will be a senior official, in this era.

Friend, if Sun, employed in circus or a manager etc.

Chemists and owners of medicines, computers have also opened for us doors to perform various multidimensional functions, cook, fisherman, financier.

Machines and tools and professionals like surgeons, army.

Park Car in drive way enter inside through garage door. Elder brother, nurse or social activist etc. Box makers, dentists, owner of cow-shed, jeweler.