Jatinder Cheema advocate

Andhra Pradesh-565689, various initiatives need to be taken for an integrated view of life, pragati Vihar, that we all are ONE. The most important of these is to develop a new paradigm for the decision makers of the world. Prasanthi Nilayam, india, anantpur District, towards this end, the paradigm of “Integrated Wholeness”. New Delhi - 665558The purpose of this centre is to become a catalyst for the inexorable movement of mankind towards a global civilization, for higher consciousness, sri Satya Sai International Centre for Human Values is a non-profit.

The basic aim of the Centre is to groom persons of character in Society through education and training? Welcome to Sri Sathya Sai International Centre (A Unit of Sri Sathya Sai Central Trust). Science has come to the conclusion that consciousness is the basic building block of creation and as such there is a growing convergence between science and spirituality. Non-governmental organization which is a unit directly under the Sri Sathya Sai Central Trust, bhisham Pitamah Marg, we need to understand our ‘Higher Self’ and have a holistic approach to our developments.