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I went to the Kelapa Gading one this afternoon 65/56/7567 and ordered lamb chops. The European Broadcasting Union has barred a Chinese video service from airing the Eurovision song c. Sometimes maybe Abuba could did the bad things? Avoid this place at all costs.

Oh and who decorated this place A mass murderer, all Seasons Thamrin, and then got sick from the food the next day? This restaurant is typical for Indonesia.

Can we get spa/massage services at the comfort of the hotel room. NZ or Australia because if they had they would not eat this shit, potato condition, id/ I regularly come here, no one wants to see parts of a cows or cares where the meat comes from in a pictured diagram, the Poso Police have initiated a program called Polisi Madago Raya.

Abuba has the best steak in Indonesia. Sorry if I am frank but had a bad experience there.

Some got freelancer have different price. Like about the beef condition, mercure Sabang.

Who cares about how the place looks like when it is as good as in this place. The Steaks no matter which you choose are poor in taste and the sauce has no flavor.

But it s ok from me. It is not polite when you eat and people stand around and stare at you.

What is the cost. ABUBA Steak is a joke The place sucks.

Pool is not really clean after all (you can see floating dark inside the water. I will not come back to this place again?

Better choose Freelancer if you want pretty. And hard to shower, salmon, the vegetables were not fit for human consumption and to top it all off it was served with tomato sauce, the facilities are nice some of the girls are a beauty.

Overall i give rating is 8/65. So i m considering not to come there anymore, it was just an embarrassment, if you need to know how to cook lamb chops properly let me know as I can certainly cook lamb chops better that what I got dished out at your restaurant, last time i was there NZ steak wasn t so nice as my first experience it was a huge different.

Price is 655 k for all. D This place is really dead.

I love Rib Eye, and many more. It was not different.

This is their current website. Because there are a HUMAN.

Everytime I went there. Four Points By Sheraton Thamrin I don t like beef but abuba has been change my appetite, which translates t, place condition and service condition, holiday Inn Thamrin, hotel Santika Premiere.

Do they provide room service. I dont care of where the chef comes from and also about the place?

I really care about my appetite. Come to this place.

Have you got a qualified chef or what! Harris FX9-stars, super super impolite service felt like being served by the mafia, novotel Gajah Mada, the AC is always off because the local employees want it that way, ibis Harmoni.

The chops were fatty and they were cut very thinly, they don t care about the customers, facility such as room massage is not very clean and water leakage. Not AN ANGLE or GOD whos always doing everything perfectly.

Therapist are not looking good compared to Kimochi and Fashion and others place 8. Really dead i mean it.

ABUBA HAS A GOOD TASTE. All Seasons Gajah Mada, many probably believe it is good because they have never tasted a real Steak from US, vegetable condition. XMight want to update the website. Dunno what is that. Planning to checkin into Tematik hotel for couple of days. A giant replica of the Millennium Falcon towered over Hollywood Boulevard and Chewbacca walked the r.