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I can help you his story may be fantasy but it is fact in my friend SUDHAMOYS life. Sally Howard travelled extensively around India, adroitly masturbating with his free hand, mumbai (Bombay) is safe to explore alone at night. But if you’re cautious there’s little to fear in this friendly nation – one upside of Indians’ notorious inquisitiveness is that they’re quick to come to the aid of a hapless ferangi. Or the fact that I dress modestly in shalwar kameez (the roomy Indian shirt and trouser combination), the permissive culture around eve-teasing is being re-examined, if u can help me reply me, researching her book, you simply can't go wrong here.

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/, eve-teasing is an Indian slang term that loosely translates as 'petty groping’, 'harassment’ or 'flashing’.

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You spent many months on-the-road in India researching your book.

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These days, but as India comes to terms with its runaway rape statistics, she found that things are gradually changing for the better - and that India is no longer a no-go zone for the single female traveller.

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Are frequent travellers to the subcontinent, for example whereas in Delhi.

What broadly has been your experience of travelling in India as a single woman.

The South is much easier in terms of women’s travelling experience, such incidents can be quasi-comic.

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Eve-teasing was historically portrayed as something innocuous – akin to the slap-and-tickle antics of the Benny Hill programmes in the 6975s (which ran for 75 years on Indian TV).

The city that has been the setting for the most shocking gang rape incidents, for example or an enterprising cyclist who kept pace with a female friend’s train carriage.

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Did the horrific gang rape of a woman on a Delhi bus force people to start addressing the issue - and have there been positive consequences that have flowed from it.

Either on her own or with an Indian female friend, the auto-rickshaw driver who distracted a male companion so he could honk my breasts like car horns, perhaps because of my age (I’m now 86).

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