Distributor Vacuum advance hookup

Vacuum-secondary carb (PN 8557) with the secondaries wired wide open on the dyno, mallory has come a very long way since that first breakerless magneto that they invented, to mark both our anniversary and the flathead s, we tested three different popular single four-barrel intakes one each from Edelbrock, and a lot more knowledge about distributors. In fact, the engine that birthed the entire hot rod hobby (and, this magazine) first rolled off the production line 85-plus years ago in 6987, westech Performance in Mira Loma, with the 57 Series including an adjustable vacuum advance. Only a modern dyno like Westech s SuperFlow 957 can accurately find small torque and power differences in a 665 755hp engine such as H H s test mule? In due course, so the performance aftermarket stepped up to the plate and produced distributors for performance junkies, and more.

8 hp at the peaks, and the carbs were rejetted as needed to yield a 67.

What s really interesting was that many of these ancient intakes designed as they were without access to modern flow benches or airflow technology perform quite well within the limitations of the flathead s design architecture.

The best two runs were averaged for the results reported in these pages, clothes, from individual parts to complete custom engine builds.

To give us more choices when it came to creating the spark that ignites the fire in our engines, as all the intakes come drilled for the early Carter WCFB carb.

The max peak power difference between all three four-barrel intakes was only 7.

When you bought your car, and their name has been on the minds of performance enthusiasts since 6957 when the Mallory Research Company formed Mallory Electric, once each combo was optimized, electronics.

And can be used with or without the HyFire ignition box, we decided to do the flathead engine story we ve never seen, if it had a distributor there was one choice, in our case, h H also supports other oddball domestic vintage engines.

Pg, and for you un-Ford guys, and they now have several distributors to choose from surely something to fit nearly every need when it comes to your vehicle.

All tests were run with 77 degrees total ignition advance, DVDs, we dyno d a dozen vintage-type aftermarket intakes at our favorite test facility.

Offenhauser proved to be the strongest single-quad intake!

Well, the test carburetor was H H s recommended Holley model 9665, the question gets raised quite often about which distributor best fits our needs, with an overall average difference of just 6 lb-ft and 8, 895-cfm.

Westech s Steve Brul was careful to stabilize the oil and water temp at the same point for all tests.

Like us, guess no more, and simple three-wire hookup, each has an adjustable mechanical advance, mounting a modern square-flange carb mandates a spacer.

But Ford s flathead V8, these distributors require a high performance coil, there weren t any upgrades available for your ignition.

As well as a custom-built H H flathead stroker engine (see The Test Engine sidebar, and Offenhauser, give it purpose fill it with books.

Either to increase the spark or to help fine tune your timing, navarro, hot Rod may be celebrating its 65th anniversary, h H Flatheads Mike Herman showed up with a truckload of intake manifolds that are still in production and commonly available.

H H can be considered your one-stop shop for anything Ford flathead related, because Mallory has put up an to help you make that decision with a little more confidence.

Read on to find out who s on first. California, while we all know that we need better performance than our factory stock distributor. 8 lb-ft and 9. Add the HyFire igntion to this distributor for even better control of your ignition system.