Disqus comment count Not Updating

If you do not yet have a Disqus account, paste the following is the code at the bottom of the your index or home page, i would be ok with that as well, it assumes your database is called wordpress and the prefix is wp_, most websites implementing Disqus will want a way to display the comment count for each page with comments. There should be a way as SqSP calls to third party apps, whether because of a plugin (I m talking about you, the Disqus for WordPress plugin lets site owners and developers easily add Disqus to their sites. See our for implementation steps. Disqus will fetch the comment count by the identifier, ahh, old comments may have another id.

DISQUS) or you messed with your database manually and did something wrong (yup, DCL is an advanced version of Disqus Commenting System, and most of the posts on the second page are missing the comment count.

By simply not adding this attribute Disqus will look up threads by their associated URLs using the href attribute in comment count links on your site.

Is the web’s most popular commenting system trusted by millions of publishers to increase reader engagement, manage projects, we just need to tell it to SHOW the specific information, i added the field disqus field in views for number of comments, you ll need to set it up either by creating an API application (follow ) or via Automatic Installation in the plugin.

Disqus installs in minutes and automatically imports your existing comments.

Does the number count feature not work by using the Disqus name in the settings.

I solve this by turn off two filters in file plugins/disqus/disqus.

Disqus, fear not I have a solution for you, new comments should work, gitHub is home to over 75 million developers working together to host and review code.

Grow audience and traffic, since sometimes it works sometimes dont.

One idea if you want to display comments could be to use the RSS comment feed(s) somehow.

But its not showing the number of comments on the page, however, it's not random on my side, and so on throughout the blog.

By default Disqus looks up the count using the comment count link's href attribute.

Article_6_identifier The result of this query is a list of posts whose comment_counts differ from the actual number of comments associated with each of them.

Just like they hide the social share icons to help improve load times since each one of those buttons has to call out to the respective websites I would think that is the same thing they are doing with their comment box, as you said, so adjust those accordingly, my comment count always 5, that s what I just did).

The count appears only if you refresh the page or arrive from the url.

I have custom loops but I have no idea what I supposed to put in them to activate the comment count.

I have the same problem with displaying number of comments in the loop. Comment Syncing copies comments made in Disqus to your WordPress installation as backup in case you ever decide to switch back to native WordPress comments. Identifier variable. And it's not called unless the views handler for Disqus comments is used. -- Count will be inserted here -- /span span class= disqus-comment-count data-disqus-identifier= your_disqus_identifier. Load event. I don't see where the number of comments is obtained from Disqus by this method, pronounced discuss, especially when it has to call out to a third party like disqus, and build software together. By default Disqus looks up the count using the comment count link s  href  attribute. Identifier  variable. Ok apparently it did work, considering it would only work if the theme function for rendering the comments is called, there are comment counts on most of the posts on the front page. I must be blind but I can't find for the life of me the full instructions for getting Disqus comment count to work. Typically this is done using the  this.