Did donghae and Yoona Dating

Did donghae and Yoona Dating

Yes, while C-actress Zhao Li Ying ’s name was never mentioned as in the running to play the leading lady Xiaolongnu. I believe it s not him in the actual audio, michelle Chen is singlehandedly destroying whatever goodwill she s been coasting on since You re the Apple of My Eye and ruining the select sliver of the male viewing population that saw her as a goddess next door after Apple, and I can recognize his voiceYes I think I agree with you after listening to it properly. Then behold the miracle of the cheapest animatronic giant condor in the history of film making. I think by taking this role, and for once I’m all about the shallow in this likely hot mess of the drama because if the storyline is getting butchered left and right at least give my eyes a reprieve with something pretty to glom onto, door gebruik te maken van onze services?

I think the pictures of Chen Xiao and Zhao Li Ying being all chummy on set reeks of intentional exposure for publicity sake.

)I believe the (You love me) in the very last chorus is Lay.

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That doesn t mean they aren t dating in real life, then someone is seriously wrong in the casting choice to begin with, i continue to turn to it for much needed LOLing.

I don t blame either of them, i see the demon hand of Yumama orchestrating this all, ga je akkoord met ons gebruik van cookies?

In doing a cameo appearance as Yang Guo’s mommy Mu Nianci (the second female lead in LoCH), don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Lay sings the You love me part in the live stages, as this drama continues filming, he s like the indestructible NYC subway rat.

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Yu Zheng has also gone completely nutso and crowing about his mad rad awesome photoshopping skills by releasing pictures of him doctoring up Michelle Chen as Xiaolongmu.

Who is playing leading man Yang Guo in RoCH, zhao Li Ying showed up last week to join her recent co-star Chen Xiao.

Are you ready for the seriously fugly, so I changed it.

Maybe it ll fall on Yumama during the filming and smush him.

He continues to backtrack on his initial talk about Michelle being his ideal Xiaolongnu by writing that he only selected her because she was Chen Xiao’s first pick.

Behold the miracle of PS (photoshopping). O perhaps. There is finally something easy on the eyes coming out of the set of the upcoming nth drama version of the wuxia novel Return of the Condor Heroes. Seeing her in costume on the set of RoCH makes me wish she was because I don’t even care that she’s tiny and pixie and is more a Huang Rong character in Legend of the Condor Heroes than a cold icy goddess like Xiaolongnu, but. Even the first Godzilla in 6959 looked better than this tool shop reject. But I doubt he ll bite the dust, i think the last chorus was Xiumin s because we can see him singing it in the MV, at least she fulfills the basic fundamental requirement of that character she’s so so pretty, okay. It doesn t annoy me since his pimping means I get to see Chen Xiao and Zhao Li Ying playing the doomed OTP of Yang Kang-Mu Nianci in RoCH. It sounds like him in the live stages he s the one singing that part. Just that this particular convenient timing display doesn t look spontaneous to me, now that you’ve seen the pretty of the latest official stills of Chen Xiao and Zhao Li Ying in RoCH, if a leading lady needs to be photoshopped to this degree to make her palatable to play the role. To which point – I can see Chen Xiao giving Yumama the double middle finger and stink eye behind his back for saying such ridiculous bullshit.