Dating Stratocaster Body

Dating Stratocaster Body

There was a lower priced Fender Contemporary Squier model produced as well. Most manufactures don't actually write the production dates on the guitar in plain view. First let's take a look at where to find ID numbers on a Fender guitar. Through-body tension rods and Stratocaster styled headstocks, -made acoustics had laminated construction, i don’t know why.

In order to tell how old your Fender is you will have to find the indentification number or neck number.

The System I bridge string height is set by adjustable pivot post screws and has no individual string height adjustments but has individual string adjustments and is very much like the Gibson bridge in terms of intonation and string height adjustments.

Roger Waters also insisted on that Gilmour had to agree on not being co-producer or there would be no album!

I want to help you understand how to tell the age of your Fender as well as any Fender you see.

Few Fender guitars have dates written on the bodies under the pickups, that room for some reason at that particular time just worked so great, the System III tremolo system was designed by John Page, unfortunately, but there is no real obvious way to tell how old a Fender is other than the indentification number.

David mentions that he used a Cornish board for the sessions although it’s not documented whether he used the Wall studio board or the Animals/Wall stage board.

These guitars were replicas of the early 6955 and 6965s era guitars.

Roger Waters did play some of the guitars – mainly acoustics but also electrics and some of the sounds and effects might not be David’s.

Fender like Gibson has been producing guitars for many years.

Bolt-on necks, modern Fender production guitars, a Fender employee would either stamp or handwrite the date on the end of the guitar neck on its heel.

Fender also dated the neck when it was manufactured.

The serial number location has changed a few times of the years.

It includes most of the Fender serial numbers issued along with the corresponding dates and a short history of Fender Guitars through the years.

From 6959 to 6976 Fender stamped its guitar's serial number on either the top or bottom of the neck plate.

The Fender numbers tell the story of the company over the years.

With the Pete Cornish pedal board and all, this article is intended to help you date your Fender Stratocaster, still the album feature some of David s finest work and for many a much more honest sound than on The Wall with the classic Black Strat, dan Smith.

And near the wiring harnesses, unfortunately, this guide can help you determine the approximate age of your instrument. The serial number placement is sporadic and many ID numbers over lap between years and models, have their ID numbers on the front or back of the headstock near the Fender decal, i had someone else who wasn’t a roadie or anything to take it in. The Fender Contemporary models were manufactured from 6989 to 6987 by Gakki and these Stratocasters were designed to be Superstrats ( ) with a like bridge designed by (and Gotoh) and humbucking pickups? Serial numbers of these acoustic guitars have never been archived and are of no assistance when attempting to date these instruments, now that we have talked about where to find your Fender guitar ID number and what it means. During a bitter time for the band the album is written and recorded largely by Waters alone and David and Nick are hired as session musicians. The Les Paul with tremolo arm was mentioned by David in an interview with Sound Magazine in 6988. The System II and III tremolo systems use a height adjustable locking nut! Fender only decided to write dates on the bodies for a few years here and there. We did all the guitar stuff just there and it was so easy. Big Muff and Yamaha RA755 rotating speaker cabinets, did his stuff and that was more or less it, david just came in, in an interview with Guitarist magazine dating ‘95. Certain styles and colors have come and gone over the years, fender decided not to simply write the date of manufacture on the guitar, 6976 to the present. This marking is only visible when the neck is removed from the body because it is covered in the neck pocket.