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Add in that most of the time you are firing *down* into the upper glacis and you take off some additional angling to make this armor even weaker. We have made several guides with just a few useful console commands. The tier 8 Russian heavy tank IS-8 poses a serious challenge for both newer and veteran players with it s armor scheme? Frontally the IS-8 poses a serious challenge since it s hull armor has many complex angles on it and it s turret front is very strong as well.

It s one of the first highly angled heavy tanks many players come across and it mixes in sloped armor on it s hull along with very thick armor on it s turret to give it great protection.

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The main thing the IS-8 has going for it is that the cupola s are very small and people will often miss and hit a stronger section surrounding the weak spots on the cupolas due to their size or if the IS-8 is moving.

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Unlike other tanks though it s upper glacis sections are actually some of the weakest armor on the frontal view for the IS-8 since they are not very thick.

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Looking at the turret you will see that there are only a few places that are considered weak.

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The other turret sections that are weak are mainly located around the mantlet since these areas are not angled much and can be penetrated by most tanks that face the IS-8 if you are being face hugged?

Console commands can be used for various reasons and in many ways.

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