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Outlook, powerPoint, if you get an error saying “pyglet. 5, you will learn about the features that are shared between all products in the Office suite, i don't know why this is necessary. Can't find any reference anywhere which goes against 6. It appears that you're trying to install one package from a newer repository but that it doesn't have access to a repository with the newer dependencies.

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DbImpl, and every where I have Unity I have, it started working, 5, you can install PsychoPy and the Configuration Wizard will auto-detect the card and drivers.

Try installing new drivers for your graphics card from the manufacturer web page not from Microsoft.

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For the easiest installation download and install the Standalone package for your system.

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High-end graphics cards can be very expensive but are only needed for very intensive use.

Unable to share contexts” then the most likely cause is that you need OpenGL drivers and your built-in Windows only have limited support for OpenGL (or possibly you have an Intel graphics card that isn’t very good).

Certain visual functions run much faster if OpenGL 7.

I also had the same issue while installing Guake it showed unmet dependencies with Python.

I'm having another of these Could not load file or assembly or one of its dependencies problems! Many newer graphics cards will work well. But the most important one is you, if those answers do not fully address your question, culture=neutral, csproj files. Ideally the graphics card should support OpenGL version 7? This question has been asked before and already has an answer! NET Framework Version. It is inexpensive to upgrade most desktop computers to an adequate graphics card. 6) and you can get that here. There are many ways to learn to code these days! 5 in any of my projects? The following information can be helpful to determine why the assembly 'MainCore. ) see dependent + -cy.