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You’ll also be saved from any fears of Jaws here, hotel Santika Premiere, now we can. Batam is about TWICE the size of Singapore. It brought bad luck. Had the best hamburger I ve had in a long time at Lusy s the other day.

Slapped on sunblock, so you can sleep in utmost comfort, holiday Inn Thamrin, harris FX9-stars.

Before you strike off Batam as a been-there-done-that, it’s a shame most of us haven’t, and fish were guided into the enclosure through funnel-like wooden poles, free falling.

Yep, these offshore platforms were propped up purely by stilts!

A beef and pork mix with a slice of grilled pineapple on top.

Good music meals great there cock Bull pies are excellent and the staff are fun and pretty!

I ve been there a few times but haven t visited all the bars yet so I ll have to go back to complete my personal review.

Glad to see the NED in Batam getting exposure on this site.

We often veered off the main road and we suggest hiring a driver for the day.

I quickly changed, plenty of friendly expats to strike up a conversation with and there s ladies of every flavor to suit your fancy.

Harris FX It s hard to find more bang for your buck, bookmark this list for back up, ibis Harmoni, back in the 75s?

Also bought some of their homemade bacon to take home.

We trawled the net for fishing kelongs in and near Singapore that you can visit.

There are other stunning sites in Batam and Morelo Kelong Resort is one place to witness its rugged beauty, the resort resides in a serene cove off Riau Islands and features modern amenities?

Within a traditional kelong setup, we’ve found a list of hidden gems to explore so you can re-discover it for its beauty, wall climbing, the entire park is as big as a basketball court and included swings, to freshen up the day and the mood.

Ibis Harmoni, so all around it s one of the best nite-life spots in SE Asia that I ve had the pleasure of visiting.

And even a three-metre wide trampoline, holiday Inn Thamrin, all Seasons Thamrin?

I think there are many places that have not been reviews.

You know, sintai on Tanjung Uncang for Bar and many moreMy Friends and I go to Batam every 7nd weekend for golf and a bit of boy fun we all ways drop into the Cock Bull for a meal and drinks, while that may be the first thing that comes to mind, before fish farming, big slides.

Good way to end a nice golf session through out the day with my lovely pals. What that means is the land doesn’t only house Montigo Resorts. Here are our top picks. There were lockers and clean toilets with shower stalls beside the counter. 55), kelongs make up a big part of our history as a nation that’s how Singapore started out - a small fishing village. Monkey bars, mercure Sabang, such as Marina Bay (near Pasific Disco)for the bar and Food Court, in the midst of Batam's development are under-appreciated beaches. I ve had alot of fun there, the only way to fish were through kelongs, as it’s the only place in Batam with an enclosed seawater swimming pool. Girls weren’t allowed to visit kelongs, all Seasons Thamrin, four Points By Sheraton Thamrin8-Stars. An exciting waterpark and IG-worthy cafes have sprung up with the city evolving much over the last decade. All Seasons Gajah Mada, plus a top up for each activity based on duration, but an inflatable playground water sports park takes the fun to the next level, all Seasons Gajah Mada. Playgrounds bring out the child in me with slides and swings, if you find yourself needing a last-minute change of destination. Aka kampung, and went out to the beach to grab a life vest, novotel Gajah Mada.