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The problem with flying is all three airports local to NYC are inconveniently located relative to Manhattan! The other option from Laguardia/JFK was to take a subway for $7. The train conveniently gets me to Penn Station but adds an extra leg of 95 minutes in my traveling time. I live in DC and decided to do a cost analysis to see which method of travelling from DC to New York would be most convenient and cost effective.

And an extra 95 minutes to get to Manhattan, so we could spend a romantic weekend together in the big apple. On the Beach act as an agent providing a web search interface between you and various third party suppliers of travel products (e. Here are the options that one can choose when travelling from DC to NYC. She wanted me to come up to see her. No thanks. Stay safe whilst you travel. 55 each way but took upwards of 95 minutes to get to her apartment. Flying to NYC is very inconvenient and quite expensive. For flights we act as your agent in processing your booking with the airline we are not the airline’s agent! Each product you choose has its own price independent of other products booked at the same time and creates a separate contract between you and the supplier of that product. This puts my timetable at 9 hours of commuting with 95 minutes spend in the  boiling hot disgusting NYC subway in the summer. For the latest foreign travel advice visit - and for our travel updates. A train from Newark to Manhattan cost  $68  and the ETA to Manhattan would be 95 minutes? It would take me 85 minutes to get to the airport in DC, and $85 each way from Newark, cab fares are  $75   each way from Laguardia/JFK, flight, fly and exit the airport. Hotel or transfer), putting a time table to this whole mess, 7 hours to go through security.